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This past Friday at the Supermileage competition in Marshall Michigan, Calvin Supermileage was able to achieve 794 mpg which was good enough for a 7th place overall. Calvin also won the award for best first year team. Overall the SAE Supermileage competition was a great experience both fun and educational. Hopefully Calvin College will be able to generate enough interest to continue to compete in this event.



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Today is teh first day of the competition! Our team is heading to Eaton Proving Grounds in Marshell michigan. Today we will be trying to pass tech inspection as well as giving our oral presentation about our vehicles design. Tomorrow is the actual competition. We will be posting updates on what is happening throughout the day.


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Every year Calvin College’s Engineering Department has a ‘Senior Design Night’ which is basically an open house followed by formal presentations which gives senior engineers an opportunity to showcase the various projects that they have been working on for the year. Attached below is the presentation that we gave on senior design night.

Final Senior Design Presentation TEAM5


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This past Saturday we did some testing and was able to achieve 200 mpg without the shell on. We did the testing without the shell because the visibility with the shell on was to low.

Today we did our second set of testing with the new and improved shell top on the vehicle. We started by testing on the outdoor track before running into some trouble with the front wheel alignment which was really killing the fuel economy of the vehicle. After a couple hours of work the front alignment issue was fixed and we where able to achieve approximately 350 mpg.

Bottom shell and Wheels

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Our car is upside down right now so we can fiberglass the bottom part as well as the areas around the wheels. We want to get the shell as close to the ground and wheels as possible without interfering with anything. We used cereal boxes (don’t worry we will paint over them) to form the areas around the wheels, as seen in the below pics. (The first pic is taken upside down to make the car look upside up. Second, we made kind of a mess. )

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we just finished putting on our first layer of fiberglass! We used material called Dacron Fabric which is used for making airplane wings. The reason that we used it is that when you apply heat to it it shrinks. This worked really well for use because it really tied all of the spars of our frame together. We are planning on putting the second layer of fiberglass on tomorrow.



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we are currently working on building the frame for the shell. We had planned on using foam to build the frame and than fiberglass over the foam but we were having a very hard time with the foam we were using. So we decided to build the frame using wooden spars as seen in the below pictures.