What is Supermileage®?
As the world’s fossil fuel reservoirs deplete, the need for increased vehicle efficiency has grown. Our project explores efficient single passenger vehicle designs.

The SAE Supermileage competition challenges college teams from around the country to build the most fuel efficient vehicle possible. This year our senior design team will represent Calvin College as we participate in this event. Through knowledge gained from our engineering studies, we will design a fuel efficient vehicle compliant with the rules and regulations of the SAE Supermileage competition. We hope this will encourage future senior design teams to continue participating in the competition and to improve the vehicle’s design.

  1. jeff gumina says:

    Received an email from Elijah this morning about his search for 26 inch tires. He needs to call me to discuss the way bike tires are sized. There are several 26 inch sized tires all with differing diameters. The email address given in the email he sent does not work.

    • Thank you for your quick response to the email I sent you. I was able to track down tires that fit our teams needs. We will keep villagebikeshop in mind if there is anything else we need. Thank you.

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